Schematic design for the "Unity & Reconciliation garden, monument and gallery". NURC is the commission in charge of the management of memorial sites after the war and genocide of 1994. 24 years later, their objective is to create a place that would represent Rwanda in terms of unity and reconciliation after these terrible moments.Together with BC Architects we proposed an earthen tower building from the site itself, using bricks fired in bio-mass kilns. The building includes a water tower, a restaurant and a terrace on the top floor. It is placed on a "slab" which houses exhibition, meeting and event spaces, as well as a café and offices for NURC. The building, partly buried, is perfectly integrated into the park with its local species, which also contributes to water management;

Stage/ Ongoing
Year/ 2018
Place/ Kigali
(in Collaboration with BC Architects & Materials)